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HorseNet Horse Rescue started more than fifteen years ago to address the need for a rescue that would take in equines from any situation.

Our founder's first horse came from a badly abusive situation, but despite his horrible past taught her to ride with heart and dedication. As years passed, she grew more and more disheartened as she watched people buy and sell horses like used appliances; it just didn't seem right. The search for the elusive "perfect" horse meant many horses were being thrown away for minor defects that could be fixed. She found this tragic and it just seemed to her that someone needed to act as a safety "Net" for those horses, so "HorseNet" was born.

Here at HorseNet we firmly believe that every horse can perform a job of some kind, no matter what their limitation, and that they all deserve a second chance. This is the basis on which HorseNet was founded.

HorseNet Horse Rescue is a certified 501 (c)(3) nonprofit located in Mt Airy, Maryland. We DO NOT sell horses, but facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of those animals in our care. We do have some long term residents, but strive to adopt out as many animals as possible to loving informed homes.

We do not euthanize horses to make room for new horses or if a horse has been with us for an extended amount of time. We euthanize a horse ONLY when absolutely necessary or under the following circumstances; if a horse is a danger to themselves or our volunteers; if we have exhausted every remedy to resolve a medical issue that is affecting the horse's quality of life. Then and ONLY then will we cut a horse's life short - we do not want any of our horses to suffer needlessly.

We are 100% volunteer run and operate solely on donations. We will adopt out to individuals who are residents of Maryland or to individuals that reside within 4 hours of the Mt Airy rescue.

We specialize in senior care, but will accept animals from any state from private owners to state animal control facilities in any condition, including:

Abuse, neglect, divorce, financial hardship, death in family, family illness, animal retiring from lesson program, police force, or racetrack, and/or any other situation not mentioned above.We are here to help, not judge, and will accept any equine in need.



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