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Forms (No portion may be reproduced without HorseNet's express written permission)
- Adoption Application
- Adoption Contract (Sample)
- Boarding Agreement (At a HorseNet Facility)
- Boarding Agreement (Offsite)
- Board of Directors Application
- Donation Form
- Donation Gift Form
- Event Sponsor Form
- Horse Information Sheet (Submitted with Horse Release Form)
- Horse Ownership Release Form (Surrender a Horse)
- Horse Sponsor Form
- Pledge
- Rider Release Form
- Volunteer Release Form

Mission Statement

News and Press
- Horse lovers brave cold to raise money for rescue
- Mini-walk at park to benefit rescued horses
- Frederick Co. stressed by demand for housing
- MD Horsemen Newsletter
- Mending Horses' Spirits
- Eldersburg Woman Rescues Horses, Provides Reprieve from Slaughterhouse
- Eldersburg Woman Reaches Out to Horses in Need of Care, Rescue
- HorseNet is a Certifying Organization for the PRESIDENT’S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD
- Two Maryland Horse Rescue Organizations Explain The Dedication Behind Equine Rescue
- Spring Fling 2007
- Williams Gives Hope to Hurting Horses
- Horse Expo 2008 - Letter From Elle
- WJZ Investigates The Slaughtering Of Horses
- Horse rescue farm receives grant to care for Arabber Ponies
- Ponies journey from Baltimore to Mount Airy
- Dolly V. Dorsey Family Letter
- Stable Used By Arabbers Closed Down
- Arabber Horses Must Go
- City Condemns Arab Stable
- City Removes Arabber Horses
- Arabber Video
- Controversy Stirs Over Home for Arabbers' Horses
Arabber Ponies - WJZ (8/8/07)
Arabber Ponies - Baltimore Sun (8/9/07)
Arabber Ponies - ABC (8/10/07)
Arabber Ponies - ABC (8/10/07)
Arabber Ponies - ABC (8/10/07)
Arabber Ponies - WJZ (10/16/07)
Arabber Ponies - WJZ (10/17/07)
Arabber Ponies - ABC (11/10/07)
Arabber Ponies - WJZ (12/13/07)
Arabber Ponies - The Horse (12/13/07)
Arabber Ponies - WJZ (12/14/07)
Arabber Ponies - WJZ (12/16/07)
Arabber Ponies - WJZ (12/17/07)
- Arabber horses learning to trust again
- Ponies journey from Baltimore to Mount Airy
- Ponies given second chance at local farm
- Struggling Economy Impacts Horse Rescue [Article] [Video]
- Storm damages horse shelter
- Horse Rescue Barn Looses Roof
- Certified equine practioner uses stress point natural methods to help relieve pain in horses
- Maryland Enacts Horse Transport Law [MD Horse Transport Law Card]
- Lost Roof [video] [article] [article] [photo] [photo] [photo]
- Struggling Economy Impacts Horse Rescue [See the video]
- Helping Horses Heal
- 10-year-old skips gifts, helps blind horses
- 2008 Montgomery County Fair Flash
- National Geographic News: Article Link: Horses Suffer, Owners Struggle With Soaring Feed Prices
- Emaciated Horses, Cows and Goats Rescued Thanks to Collaboration of Humane Organizations
- HorseNet Horse Rescue Holds Weekend Open House
- Open House Will Help FInd Homes for Horses (video)
- Open House Will Help Find Homes For Horses (article)

Non Profit Status
- Certified 501c3
- 501c3 IRS Letter
- 501c3 2005 IRS Letter


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- 2008 990 Tax Filing
- 2009 990 Tax Filing
- 2010 990 Tax Filing
- Estimated Operating Expenses

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